Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do It!

*Currently listening to "Do it like a dude" By Jessie J*


First off i just wanna apologize for the delay i totally bullshitted the past few days and said i would post a blog but clearly, i didn't. My bad.... ( i hate when people say that shit....)

Currently I've just been working my ass off and not having alot of time to myself, but today i finally got to have some down time. Me and my babe checked out this Chinese place that everyone has been talking about and usually i don't take other peoples references for things (IE "good" movies) but this time everyone was right. But to be honest it probably wasn't even about the food itself today, it just felt good to have some peace and alone time with the one i love. Couples that both have jobs can sometimes take a toll on your relationship but, I'm thankful that me and my babe have been able to juggle things very well.

If you feel that you and your significant other are not getting enough "alone" time, (and no i don't mean fucking), then just simply make time, DO IT! Even if you have to get up at the crack of dawn the next morning, your simple movie night or walk in the park can totally change things around, so just keep that in mind. :)

Btw i got some sick ass pics back from the shoot i did in December, check em out!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Day!!

 *Currently jamming "luxurious" By: Gwen Stefani*

Its amazing how life can change in a matter of days! Like just a few days ago i was having the crappiest day, followed by a few content days, and now im ecstatic! Things in my life have took a change for the better recently. I WILL be flying to new york this year, (even though im fucking terrified of planes), and i will come back with good news!

I am excelling even more in my relationship, family life, and my job and i can honestly say, right now, life is perfect. Yes there will be some not so happy days in the future but i love the saying " Trouble don't last always" because it certainly doesn't! ;)

Ps... Here's a new pic from a lifestyle/fashion shoot i did last month with photographer Del Geno. These Ladies were gorgeous, im just their lame prop! :D

Friday, January 14, 2011

Random.. (Inspiration, dreams, movies, friends, and coffee.)

While I sit here listening to "wouldn't you" by NDubz im going to refresh you guys on these past few days.

So after some awesome days off with my friends and my babe i can finally say im ready for the week. This week i got to see two great movies that im sure most of you have seen already.

  • Black Swan
  • Social Network
Both kick ass movies but obviously have two different stories.

Right before me and my best friend went to see the black swan we stopped by Starbucks to get some breakfast since we hadn't eaten that morning. I ordered my favorite coffee the white chocolate mocha, and a cheese danish. I have no idea why i always get those because the cream cheese is almost non existent but ironically is the best part of the damn thing. As i looked around the store it just amazed me as i wondered how Starbucks started from the ground into this huge business.

Its sick on how many people come in and out of that place and i was like fuck, it must be amazing to be the creator Starbucks. After the polite, short, and slightly hot cashier handed my friend the receipt because i was too busy grabbing my order from the other barista, we quickly scuffled to get to the black swan showing.

After seeing the movie my buddy was slightly confused on the ending and the concept of the movie and i tried to explain my take on the movie. This was my second time seeing the movie but i didn't tell him that because it just seems people don't like to go to movies with people who have seen the movie already because they talk too damn much, telling the movie or the best parts, but thankfully im not like that.

Anyways, my take on the movie was that you must live your dream and not let anyone or anybody else stop that from happening, whether its your crazy ass mother, perverted dance teacher, or a jealous ass bitch trying to take your spot, you cant let them stop you.

The next day, which is today, i watched the social network and that movie blew my mind because once again, the odds were against the main character. Sure he might have got "inspired" by others ideas but like it was said in the movie he created and published it first. His demeanor was exactly the way the main character in black swan should have been. He created it, and he didn't mind telling you that pretty much your a fucking idiot and you wouldn't have been able to create it yourself even if he wrote the entire coding in a tablet for you.

These movies just inspired me so much, and has made me feel like I'm destined for more, we are all talented in our own way, and i know there is something out there for me. I currently have a great life and I'm blessed, and I'm not complaining but i know there has got to be more for me. I might not be sure at this very moment what that particular destiny is, but i can feel greatness is in my future.

If you have dreams, don't ever give up on them, i guarantee you its the truth when i say dreams do come true, damn true, because I'm living a few of mine everyday of my life.. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New work with Lordash Photography!!

When i very first started modeling i worked with lordash photography(Ashley) back in 2008 and it was a blast. It had a cool goth theme to it and it was so much fun ill never forget the crazy hair style and make up. And for the past few years we have continued to hook back up each December and work together again. I must say since 2008 and to this very day, her work continues to kick ass.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I don't mean to be a debbie downer but today fucking blowed. i mean it was fucking horrible. If something could go wrong today, it did. You know what i mean? Its like just a shred of happiness is snatch away from you, like your not allowed to feel the emotion of being happy.

I try to see the bright sides of things in my life lately and for that im grateful, because in reality the good does outweigh the bad, but its like one day could be the best day ever, and the next could just suck donkey balls. IDK, but i will keep on keeping on because i have a alot to be thankful for, i could seriously have it worse. If you had a bad day read the following aloud:

Tomorrow is a new day, and i will not bring today with me! FUCK YOU TODAY!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The excitement of waiting..

Those moments, days, and hours you spend waiting for a call, for new photographs, and new offers are the most awesome times ever! To some it may seem nerve wrecking but think about it, when that moment finally comes you actually forget about all the waiting you did because of how amazing the work actually is.

Anyways, I dont know where this post is coming from but i thought id help ease the minds of you impatient people out there, im in recovery ;)

ps.. new lifestyle/editorial work from Lordash Photography is coming soon, and she effin rocks.

New work with the awesome Ev Dylan!!

ok so yall know ev dylan is like my favorite photographer ever so it brings me great pleasure to show yall our new images that we did last week! Just to let you know these images are NSFW so if your at work dont scroll down!