Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do It!

*Currently listening to "Do it like a dude" By Jessie J*


First off i just wanna apologize for the delay i totally bullshitted the past few days and said i would post a blog but clearly, i didn't. My bad.... ( i hate when people say that shit....)

Currently I've just been working my ass off and not having alot of time to myself, but today i finally got to have some down time. Me and my babe checked out this Chinese place that everyone has been talking about and usually i don't take other peoples references for things (IE "good" movies) but this time everyone was right. But to be honest it probably wasn't even about the food itself today, it just felt good to have some peace and alone time with the one i love. Couples that both have jobs can sometimes take a toll on your relationship but, I'm thankful that me and my babe have been able to juggle things very well.

If you feel that you and your significant other are not getting enough "alone" time, (and no i don't mean fucking), then just simply make time, DO IT! Even if you have to get up at the crack of dawn the next morning, your simple movie night or walk in the park can totally change things around, so just keep that in mind. :)

Btw i got some sick ass pics back from the shoot i did in December, check em out!!

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