Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Draw Backs, Trial and Error, and the Future.

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Holy moley what a past few weeks this has been! I've been working non stop and paying bills and I have not been able to have a life of my own lately. Don’t you just wish you could wake up and walk out the door and catch flying winning lottery ticket? That’s how I feel sometimes and not all the time. But that’s another story..

So recently I made an attempt to become a vegetarian…

Lets just say I failed miserably after lasting one day without meat.. Yeah I am pathetic, but I just couldn’t resist the crab sub at subway the other day when me and my babe went out for a bite to eat. That previous day all I had to eat was a dry ass salad and two portions of Greek yogurt made by fage(fucking orgasmic yogurt dude) so I was starving like Marvin ok. So I folded and got the sandwich it was epic as usual. However I have came across some vegetarians that say seafood is not considered meat there for they still consider themselves vegetarians. I honestly do not know how that works because just like that fish you ate it has a beating heart just like Mary moo cow does out in the pasture.

On a side note, in these next upcoming months I will be focusing a lot more on my body, exercise, and modeling. Its seriously time for me to get with the program and focus on the things that matter to me the most, and modeling is one of them. Make sure yall are not wasting away at a nine to five not chasing your dreams, cause ive ran into too many people that didn’t go after their dreams because of fears and playing it safe.

DON’T PLAY IT SAFE because the truth is, life is hard and fucked up sometimes, you cant stay safe from everything, why not take risks and reap the rewards? Just something to think about…

PS check out the beautiful Rachel Jay’s blog, she is a wonderful model and her blog rocks. Winking smile

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  1. Good luck with all of that mark. When you decided to become a veg, did you forget you can eat carbs too? Unless you don't eat carbs. Or even meatless meat. Do your research, it's not too hard to do, if you research and now what you can eat.