Friday, January 14, 2011

Random.. (Inspiration, dreams, movies, friends, and coffee.)

While I sit here listening to "wouldn't you" by NDubz im going to refresh you guys on these past few days.

So after some awesome days off with my friends and my babe i can finally say im ready for the week. This week i got to see two great movies that im sure most of you have seen already.

  • Black Swan
  • Social Network
Both kick ass movies but obviously have two different stories.

Right before me and my best friend went to see the black swan we stopped by Starbucks to get some breakfast since we hadn't eaten that morning. I ordered my favorite coffee the white chocolate mocha, and a cheese danish. I have no idea why i always get those because the cream cheese is almost non existent but ironically is the best part of the damn thing. As i looked around the store it just amazed me as i wondered how Starbucks started from the ground into this huge business.

Its sick on how many people come in and out of that place and i was like fuck, it must be amazing to be the creator Starbucks. After the polite, short, and slightly hot cashier handed my friend the receipt because i was too busy grabbing my order from the other barista, we quickly scuffled to get to the black swan showing.

After seeing the movie my buddy was slightly confused on the ending and the concept of the movie and i tried to explain my take on the movie. This was my second time seeing the movie but i didn't tell him that because it just seems people don't like to go to movies with people who have seen the movie already because they talk too damn much, telling the movie or the best parts, but thankfully im not like that.

Anyways, my take on the movie was that you must live your dream and not let anyone or anybody else stop that from happening, whether its your crazy ass mother, perverted dance teacher, or a jealous ass bitch trying to take your spot, you cant let them stop you.

The next day, which is today, i watched the social network and that movie blew my mind because once again, the odds were against the main character. Sure he might have got "inspired" by others ideas but like it was said in the movie he created and published it first. His demeanor was exactly the way the main character in black swan should have been. He created it, and he didn't mind telling you that pretty much your a fucking idiot and you wouldn't have been able to create it yourself even if he wrote the entire coding in a tablet for you.

These movies just inspired me so much, and has made me feel like I'm destined for more, we are all talented in our own way, and i know there is something out there for me. I currently have a great life and I'm blessed, and I'm not complaining but i know there has got to be more for me. I might not be sure at this very moment what that particular destiny is, but i can feel greatness is in my future.

If you have dreams, don't ever give up on them, i guarantee you its the truth when i say dreams do come true, damn true, because I'm living a few of mine everyday of my life.. 


  1. very nice blog entry, mark. :) (jeff roeske)

  2. thank you so much jeff! sorry i wrote so much, i had a lot to say. =)