Sunday, November 27, 2011


First of all let me just say that 4-5 hour drive to Dallas was murder on my ass..

I mean seriously, that was like the worst pain ever!

However, it was all worth it because once i landed in the beautiful city i did what i came there to do... PARTY!!! Jk jk.. Well we shot Sunday afternoon, but on Saturday night i went to a charity event/Industry Mixer hosted by Steven D. Hill and it was totally awesome(the BBQ meatballs they were serving were on point) and the people i met were even better!

Once it was over me and my date to the event( my beautiful cousin) went clubbing in Dallas cause you know i had to see what this place was all about as far as clubbing goes. And That Too was awesome! Hotties everywhere, everyone dancing, and the drinks were not too strong but just right! We had a blast but my cousin had a little too much fun if you know what i mean. Poor Baby ;)

Once my mini hangover subsided i got dressed, headed over to Steven's to do the photo shoot. I could go into detail about how epic that was but ill just let you see for yourselves! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Steven D. Hill Motion Visual!!!

Check out this Hot brand new motion visual featuring me by the AMAZING Steven D. Hill!! OMFG AHHHH !!

PS im gonna post about my entire Dallas experience in a later post! <3 yall hotties!!