Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Day!!

 *Currently jamming "luxurious" By: Gwen Stefani*

Its amazing how life can change in a matter of days! Like just a few days ago i was having the crappiest day, followed by a few content days, and now im ecstatic! Things in my life have took a change for the better recently. I WILL be flying to new york this year, (even though im fucking terrified of planes), and i will come back with good news!

I am excelling even more in my relationship, family life, and my job and i can honestly say, right now, life is perfect. Yes there will be some not so happy days in the future but i love the saying " Trouble don't last always" because it certainly doesn't! ;)

Ps... Here's a new pic from a lifestyle/fashion shoot i did last month with photographer Del Geno. These Ladies were gorgeous, im just their lame prop! :D

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