Saturday, August 20, 2011

Behind the camera fun with Ev dylan, and new work!!

Hello world! Its been a few weeks but im back again and have so much to say!

Last weeks shoot was amazing and it totally felt great to get back to work again. Shooting Ev Dylan is always a great experience and always great fun. Its like you forget your actually "working" sometimes. When we work together its always fluid and ideas and support come from both parties. When you have that its a win win situation, and i for one love winning! I hope you guys like the new work and video expect alot more work soon! Have an awesome weekend im soo partying this monday for my birthday i cannot wait!

And yall better not say theres no such thing as partying on mondays or its going to be a fight. <_<

P.S. Some of these are NSFW. ;) Keep it classy .

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