Tuesday, July 26, 2011


*Currently listening to "Right There" by: Nicole Scherzinger FT 50 cent*

HOWDY YALL!!  lol i just want to say Hi.


Apologize for going MIA on yall but to be honest I went  through alot in life these past few months and hit a big hurdle along the way and things were just shit. However, like always, a way was made out of no way.

Things honestly couldnt be better in life right now, and im totally ready to get back to work! Im feeling really skinny right now and I wanna tone up a little in the next month. But I want yall to be on the look out for some great things! Im so excited and the photographer im going to be working with is the shiz! Also next month im finally turning 21! yes 21! can you believe it? its gonna be fucking epic at the club that night you better believe it! Like seriously live everyday as if it were last cause man time flies, I feel like just yesterday I was watching power rangers and dressed as simba for Halloween!

On that note, all I have to say is when your feeling down and out in life, and feel like giving up, dont. Just when you least suspect it a breakthrough will happen, that hurdle will be jumped, that boulder will be crushed, and that river will be crossed. You can do whatever you put your mind to, if you keep at it and give it your all, who/what can stop you?


P.S. I would just like to end this post with a few words about the passing of Amy Winehouse. I know everyone has their opinions about her death but im not here to speculate on that or to bash her on her life choices. I just want to thank her for making the choice to become a singer and following her dream, because her music has truly touched my life and I am grateful for her existence. Her memory will live on and her music shows you the reason why. Rest in Peace Amy.

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