Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blogging & HOT new work with the talented Ev Dylan!! (NSFW)

*Listening to "Energy" By: Natalie

Well after a little break from blogging im back and totally in the mood to write! I just wanna thank all of you that read and follow my work from the USA, UK, Poland, Canada, to friggin Germany, (yes I have German readers bitches). Its so cool to even have these opportunities and everything that comes with them. Every time I work with a photographer I am so grateful because i never would have thought this would be happening. So when someone is putting time and effort to work with me I feel like i should do my very best. And i really hope that shows! :)

Anyway, this past weekend I had a shoot with always phenomenal Ev Dylan. The concept we worked with was a take on a dream I had a few days before. The character I was in my dream was this shy yet curious guy that wanted the chance to finally release his sexual thoughts with his lover. So with some shots you see the shy side, the curious side, and the naughty side.. ;) It was so much fun (as always) to work with Ev because he knows exactly what to do to make a concept come alive. While shooting we had good vibes, and music going in the room and the rest is history! 

Ps These images are NSFW, so dont blame me if your ass gets fired! I warned you! :)

More work from Ev Dylan :Here:

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