Thursday, April 7, 2011

What the hell..

I totally deserve any hashing's yall may have at all about the hiatus of my blog but I can assure you im doing my most awesome puppy dog face right now, so forgive me. Please.


I've seriously been working nonstop and ive been to tired/lazy/douchey to write anything. But tonight im feeling it so I had to crank on the computer and tap away! I just finished a bad ass work out and ive taken a new liking to water. Soda was my life, but now ive moved to my baby mama H20. I can honestly say I feel a lot better inside out. Im getting back fully into shape for modeling because ive been laying low and its time for me to get it together and step in front of someone's camera. Im like a week or two away from what I consider my perfect bod so be on the look out for new work.


Im praying I don’t relapse back to the strawberry Fanta's, ice cream sundaes, and fried chicken tenders. But im gonna need yalls prayers too, this shit is hard..

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